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Inside our free ebook, you’ll get insider advice from one of Australia’s most trusted property experts. A builder, born and bred in Sydney’s west, Barry has made profits in boom times and bust. This ebook has been created to show you secrets many real estate agents don’t want you to know.

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  • How to overcome the most difficult and time consuming aspect of selling your home! (Sell your home faster and for the the right price)
  • The secrets to selling in a soft market and how to stay on track and be better off.
  • Tips for selling that ‘hard-to-sell’ property and why, even when agents have told you it’s impossible, you can get the job done.
  • Do Real Estate Commissions mean the agents work harder and get a better price? (you may be shocked by the evidence)
  • What you can do if your home is worth less than what you paid! (Savvy property investors have made money in times of both boom and bust)
  • How to trust your agent, the importance of not just finding the right agent but ways to ensure you can trust them and work together.
  • How to make sure your conveyancer or lawyer doesn’t kill your sale! (You’ll be shocked to know it does happen)
  • The 1 sure way to put more money in your pocket when you sell and why most people miss out (this could save you $thousands)
  • Where to spend your limited budget to get the best bang for your buck when you sell (and the areas where most money is wasted)
  • The 14 questions you must ask a real estate agent some before you even consider letting them see your home, let alone list it! ( #3 & #4 will stop them cold!)
  • The sales strategies that could get you the best price and how to employ them (This could be the difference between selling for a great price or not selling at all)
  • The 6 common but costly mistakes homeowners make when selling and how to avoid them! (a couple are unexpected silent killers)
  • It’s street appeal that seals the deal, how to prepare the front of your property so potential buyers get out of the car and don’t drive on by
  • The makeover secrets that move your home faster and the colours never to paint your home, even if you love them.






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